The country ranks 0 in the world in term of real GDP and 0 in the North America area.

The United-States has been the largest economy in the world since the end of the 19th century thanks to the dynamism of private sector (more than 90% of US GDP) based of freedom to do business. Today it accounts today for about 25% of total global GDP. It is also one the richest country in the global ranking in the top 10 in term of GDP per capita. It is the 3rd largest country in term of population and one of the few largest economy to maintain significant demographic growth.

The country enjoys large natural resources. It is one the largest producer in term of agriculture production. It is number 1 globally for cow's milk, cattle, chicken, soybeans and maize. It ranks also the world's top producer of petroleum and natural gas hydrocarbons in 2013 thanks to the recent jump in output from shale.

As per the Fortune Global 500 for the year 2013, out of the 500 largest company by revenue, 132 were headquartered in the United-States, ahead of China (89).
The leadership of United-States is particularly visible in the technology sector. Many of global Internet companies and other technology based companies are coming from the country - especially from the 'Bay Area' around San Francisco in California (Apple in Cupertino, Google in Mountain View, Facebook in Menlo Park, E-Bay in San Jose, in San Francisco, Tesla Motors in Palo Alto).

However the United-States have lost their leadership in more traditional industries.
It ranks 4th (after Germany and ahead of South-Korea) in term of car production with 4.3 million units produced in 2013 (18.1 million for China - the 1st producer globally).
It ranks number 3rd for steel production (after Japan and ahead of India) wtih 87 megatonnes produced in 2013 (779 megatonnes for China - the 1st producer globally).

Global Rank North America Rank
Area in km2 9,826,675 3 2
Population 2013 316,204,908 3 1
Demographic Growth 0.7 % 133 1
Fertility Rate 1.86 168 1
Population 2040 372,139,857 3 1
GDP (in USD Billions) 19,362 0 0
10 Year Growth 1.6 % 132 2
GDP Per Capita (in USD) 59,495 6 0

NB: North America region counts 2 countries.
Real GDP Growth - annual and average by decade
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