The country ranks 2 in the world in term of real GDP and 1 in the Asia & Oceania area.

It is the first country out of the western world to enter into the industrial revolution in 1868 (Meiji Restoration).

After World War II the country economic expansion resume at even faster pace until 1991 when the financial bubble that was formed during the 1980s bursted. Since then Japan has recorded low level of growth and struggled to end deflation. However in 2013 the country still enjoys one the highest GDP per capital in the world (23rd).

Japan enjoys one the highest yield crop in the world but its agricultural production only covers 50% of its needs as the country lacks of arable land (12%).
However, thanks to its geographical location, Japan is one of the first coutnry globally for fishery.

Traditional industries
Japan industry has become one of the strongest in the world combining solid positions in traditional industries and a place a leader in high-tech and precision goods (optical instruments, hybrid vehicles, robotics).
In traditional industry Japan ranks second for car production with 8.2 million cars produced in 2013 after China (18.1 million) and ahead of Germany (5.4 million). Toyota is currently the world largest car maker.
It ranks also second for the production of steel with 111 Mt produced in 2013 after China (779 Mt) and ahead of the United States (87 Mt).

Financial Services:
The Tokyo Stock Exchange is the second largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization.
Global Rank Asia & Oceania Rank
Area in km2 406,752 59 14
Population 2013 127,445,000 10 6
Demographic Growth -0.2 % 177 43
Fertility Rate 1.42 233 38
Population 2040 114,448,614 15 7
GDP (in USD Billions) 4,884 2 1
10 Year Growth 0.7 % 161 43
GDP Per Capita (in USD) 38,550 20 2

NB: Asia & Oceania region counts 44 countries.
Real GDP Growth - annual and average by decade
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