The country ranks 5 in the world in term of real GDP and 2 in the Asia & Oceania area.

It is the second most populous country in the world with more than 1.2 billion of people. The country will become the most populous country within 15 years with more than 1.4 billion of people.

It is the 11th largest global economy but it per capita income of $ 1,414 makes India the poorest region is the world. The country counts more than 300 million of poor (28% of total population) living with less than 1 USD per day. 39% of children suffer from malnutrition.
Middle class also counts 300 million people but the one enjoying the same living standard as advanced country is more limited (70 million).

In a largely rural country (70% of the population lives in rural areas) agriculture employs more than 50% of country workforce.
Today, thanks to the 'green revolution' (half of cultivated surface is irrigated, development of new seeds and higher usage of fertilizers) India is one of the world largest agriculture raking second for the production of rice and wheat as well as in sugar cane and tea. It is third for cotton and rubber.

India enjoys very large natural resources: it is the 3rd producer of coal and the 4th for iron.

In other sectors India has developped 2 domain of expertise at global level: IT Outsourcing and Pharmaceuticals (especially through generics and cooperation with major western pharmaceutical companies). This has been made possible by a large pool of engineer speaking english.

Overall, industrial sector in India, represents a smaller share of GDP compared to other emerging countries.
However, partially thanks to the size of the country, India is a major a country in some industry. It ranks 6th (after South-Korea and ahead of Brazil) in term of car production with 3.1 million units produced in 2013 (18.1 million for China - the 1st producer globally).
It ranks number 4th for steel production (after United States and ahead of Russia) wtih 83 megatonnes produced in 2013 (779 megatonnes for China - the 1st producer globally).
Global Rank Asia & Oceania Rank
Area in km2 3,287,590 7 3
Population 2013 1,278,562,207 2 2
Demographic Growth 1.3 % 91 22
Fertility Rate 2.38 119 22
Population 2040 1,624,756,322 1 1
GDP (in USD Billions) 2,439 5 2
10 Year Growth 7.4 % 7 5
GDP Per Capita (in USD) 1,852 142 34

NB: Asia & Oceania region counts 44 countries.
Real GDP Growth - annual and average by decade
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