The country ranks 5 in the world in term of real GDP and 2 in the Europe area.

It is the largest country in Europe in term of total surface.
With 11,035,000 km2 France's Exclusive economic zone (EEZ) is second in the world (just after the United States with 11,351,000 km2) thanks to its overseas departments and territories scattered across all the oceans.

France is the first european country for agriculture thanks to its large arable land and good climate conditions.

France is the 4th largest producer of wheat after the Unites-States and ahead of Russia. It ranks number one in Europe. The country is the 1st producer of wine.

France was the 5th global exporter of agricultural products in 2013 (it was after the United-States, Germany, Netherlands and Brazil).

Industry accounts for 18% of the GDP in France.

The country enjoys strong position in aeronautics and aerospace, nuclear energy, military equipments or pharmaceuticals.

However France position has weakened in some major industries. The country only ranks 12th for car production and 14th for steel production.

Services generate 80% of French GDP.

France ranks first in the world for the number of foreign tourists visiting the country (83 million in 2012 ahead of the Unites-States and China) thanks to its rich cultural and natural patrimony as well as its famous 'art de vivre'.
However the country only ranks 3rd in term of total income generated from tourism due to shorter duration of visits.

France is also well present in the finance industry with several group well established within the major global players.
Global Rank Europe Rank
Area in km2 640,679 42 2
Population 2013 65,998,570 21 3
Demographic Growth 0.5 % 141 14
Fertility Rate 2.01 152 1
Population 2040 69,770,298 24 4
GDP (in USD Billions) 2,575 5 2
10 Year Growth 0.7 % 158 28
GDP Per Capita (in USD) 39,673 20 14

NB: Europe region counts 42 countries.
Real GDP Growth - annual and average by decade
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